Your Voice Pickering

Experience, Integrity, Accountability, Community Engagement, Youth Engagement and Environmental Protection

“I’m supporting Peter because his years of experience and demonstrated commitment to Pickering will make him our effective voice on council.”

— Andrew Larter

“Peter Rodrigues, as regional councillor in my ward (Ward 3) from 2010 to 2014, was approachable and always helpful, going the extra distance to get answers to questions of all kinds, and then replying in detail.

I appreciated his honesty and his efforts to understand the wide variety of issues that came before Council. He did his homework. He represented us well, and especially kept us advised, well in advance, of matters coming before Council that pertained to our area, so that we could attend Council meetings and participate in the discussion.

As that rare phenomenon, a full-time councillor, he was easily reachable and made it his business to attend or participate in local meetings and events of all kinds, day or evening, working closely with local groups as our link with City Hall. We miss his efforts to keep us informed and linked to municipal politics, which are often ignored by residents but are, in fact, highly pertinent to our daily lives, involving everything from decisions on playgrounds or the height of a fence to much larger issues that directly affect our quality of life and the taxes we pay.”

— P. Valentine, Claremont