Pickering’s Funding from the Federal and Provincial governments

Funding Partnerships Bolster Pickering’s Community

Pickering, ON, May 26, 2014 – Each year, the City of Pickering actively seeks out, applies for, and receives funding from the Federal and Provincial Governments and other sources that subsidizes a broad and diverse array of municipal services, programs, events, and critical infrastructure investments.

Participating in available grant programs helps to strengthen ties with the senior levels of government, and enables the City of Pickering to enhance its service provision while remaining fiscally responsible to residents and businesses.

One of Pickering’s critical annual funding sources is Canada’s Federal Gas Tax Fund which has provided a total of $17.8 million for infrastructure projects in Pickering over the past nine years.  Some of the major projects undertaken in 2013 include 10 major road resurfacing projects, 2,275 square metres of sidewalk repairs/enhancements, and 2 major roof replacements at the Petticoat Creek Library & Community Centre and Fire Services Headquarters.

Equally important in building strong and healthy communities is for municipalities to invest in their residents.  For example, the New Horizons for Seniors Grant and Grant for Seniors for Special Funding has provided over $75,000 towards seniors programs and activities, such as computer literacy classes to help bridge the digital divide.

In 2013, the YMCA Summer Job Service Grant, Young Canada Works, and Summer Experience Grant, and other programs have contributed over $35,000 to provide young residents with valuable summer employment opportunities.

In addition, the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport provided the Pickering Museum Village with a $40,900 grant last year to assist with the operation and care of its 15,000 piece artefact collection, 19 heritage buildings, and all of the programs, exhibits, and events that bring history to life.

“As a municipal leader in fiscal management and service provision, the City of Pickering is constantly seeking out and developing meaningful partnerships and funding opportunities to both strengthen our community and provide enhanced services to our residents,” said Mayor Dave Ryan.

For more information on Pickering’s Canada Federal Gas Tax Fund projects, please visit pickering.ca/gastax; or visit pickering.ca/grants to learn more about the City’s funding partnership programs.