Fire Services Home Safety Program

Pickering Fire Services Kicks Off Annual Home Safety Program

Pickering, ON, May 29, 2013 – Pickering Fire Services has kicked off its Annual Home Safety Program, and will be going door-to-door to approximately 3200 homes as part of its smoke alarm initiative.

In total, 16 Fire Crews will conduct 3200 smoke alarm inspections on weeknights and weekends from now until Labour Day. This community relations endeavour aims to go above and beyond typical Fire Services duties by taking a hands-on approach to ensure Pickering homeowners have safe, working smoke alarms.

Functioning smoke alarms can be the difference between life and death, especially during the night when everyone is fast asleep. Having a working smoke alarm on every storey and outside all sleeping areas will give homeowners the early warning they need to get everyone safely out, and can increase the survival rate by 50 per cent. The annual program has allowed Pickering Fire Services to share critical, potentially life-saving information, which has enhanced community safety.

Firefighters will test existing smoke alarms and if necessary, install new ones and provide batteries completely free-of-charge to residents. Participants will also be educated on how to protect their loved ones through the diligent and proper use of these alarms.  Staff will follow up with all homeowners who received a smoke alarm or batteries by sending a letter that outlines important instructions on how to maintain a working device for years to come.

Pickering Fire Services is taking the program a step further by assisting people throughout the year on request.  “Last year’s program was a tremendous success with hundreds of smoke alarms and batteries being replaced,” said Bill Douglas, Fire Chief. “This year, I am hopeful that more residents will participate in this free and valuable service, particularly our senior residents or those with disabilities.”