The Issues

Property Taxes are TOO HIGH — I continually voted against raising your Property Taxes for 3 of the 4 years I spent on Council. I moved several motions each year to further reduce the budget expenditures. By far, I had the lowest expenses of any councillor on Pickering Council; and zero expenses on Durham Council every year.

Some Major Considerations — Pickering needs a full-time councillor, who has been actually responsible and involved in managing the complexities of the issues and concerns in Pickering. I have more trusted, recent experience than other candidates. Pickering needs a more engaging Council, and have the voices of the residents represented strongly on Council.

Property taxes must not be allowed to continue to increase as they have been doing. Financial expenditures must be controlled to keep the money in the pockets of residents for their families. Jobs in Pickering are an absolute must have. The airport is not likely to be looming in the near future, however adding the Seaton community development into Pickering with 70,000 people & 35,000 potential jobs, needs proper management for the vast growth. If/when a casino is approved, that will have major impacts upon Pickering. Those will both affect the congestion of traffic. Quality of life must be improved.

Integrity — I did not support Councillor Dickerson’s appointments for Deputy Mayor, nor for Veridian, due to his guilty plea in contravening the Municipal Elections Act costing the taxpayers $300,000. Also, I voted to ban councillors from expensing alcohol, which taxpayers must pay. As well, I have never expensed any meals whatsoever in my 4 years. I supported the Code of Conduct and the Integrity Commissioner.

Accountability — I worked with staff to make video recordings of all Council and Council Committee meetings. These have been online for two years for viewing at any time. Plus, I introduced a successful motion requesting readily accessible recorded voting on all matters.

Community Engagement — I have been continuously and actively communicating with residents through meetings, and by working with community associations. I have hosted dozens of meetings to engage residents and empower them through educational presentations that addressed questions, and encouraged active community participation.

Rogers TV transcript Greetings Ward 1 residents.

For those of you who have not met me before, I am Peter Rodrigues.  I was recently elected as a Pickering Regional Councillor. I served for 4 years, on both Durham Region Council, and on Pickering City Council.

What makes me the best choice compared to the other candidates?

There are a number of excellent reasons.

I have a proven record of experience and trust.  I was involved in Pickering politics, and supporting residents’ concerns, long before I successfully ran as a candidate and was elected to Pickering Council.

Previously, I was an outspoken activist who led many actions for improvements in our city.

Community Engagement has been a priority for me. I have undertaken numerous activities to increase resident involvement.

I have a solid record of representing the interests of residents, and serving the community’s needs.

Pickering is a wonderful place to live. However, there are issues that need to be addressed. Everything from the location of a casino and cell towers to speeding cars and sidewalks.

The biggest issue in Pickering is property taxes that are simply too high. I have continually voted against raising property taxes. I moved several motions each year to further reduce the budget expenditures, so that you would have more of your money in your pocket for your family’s needs.

I am available full-time to serve and assist residents with all matters.

Please visit my website, and for additional information

Please contact me with any questions.

I will be Your Voice, but I need your – vote for Peter Rodrigues – to make our city a better place.

Thank you.

With great appreciation for your efforts,


Environmental Protection.
Opposed — the Big Sewer Pipe, which brings York Region’s sewage
through Pickering for treatment and discharge into Lake Ontario.
Opposed — the development on sensitive lands north of Greenwood.
Opposed — Line 9B pumping heavy crude oil through our sensitive and
important watershed.
Supported — the fight against algae at the waterfront due to the
York-Durham Sewage Plant expansion.